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Bombing in populated areas, a disaster for civilians 22 May 2019

The United Nations Security Council discussed May 23rd the protection of civilians in armed conflict. A HI delegation is at the United Nations headquarters to convince States to commit themselves against bombing in populated areas. At the head of this delegation, Arms Advocacy Manager, Alma Al Osta, explains HI's actions: 

HI mine clearance in northern Lebanon 14 May 2019

HI’s deminers are clearing mines in northern Lebanon, in an area contaminated during the 1975-1990 conflict. The aim is to remove the threat facing villagers. 

  • Lebanon

25 years on, Rwanda remembers 1 April 2019

HI continues to help victims overcome their trauma, 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda. 

  • Rwanda

Harvests destroyed in Mozambique: HI will distribute essential food rations 28 March 2019

In regions of Mozambique devastated by Cyclone Idai, food insecurity is expected to rocket in the coming months. HI will distribute kits of essential food-stuffs to 12,000 families.

  • Mozambique

Heightened tension in Gaza: preventing further casualties and disability risks 27 March 2019

Days before the anniversary of the Great March of Return on 30 March, HI is concerned about growing tension in Gaza in recent weeks. Further violence could lead to a surge in injuries, placing further pressure on already overwhelmed surgical and rehabilitation services. HI is calling on all parties to exercise restraint and avoid violence with potentially disastrous consequences for civilians. 

  • Palestine

HI has treated 300 mine victims in 4 years 14 March 2019

Pauline Falipou, HI rehabilitation expert, discusses the injuries inflicted by mines and bombs in Yemen.

  • Yemen

Civilians: victims of the fighting and of explosive remnants of war 13 March 2019

In Yemen, the widespread use of explosive weapons has created high levels of contamination which, even after the fighting, poses an additional threat to civilians.

  • Yemen

Humanity and Inclusion supports the victims of the big big tornado in Cuba 11 March 2019

On the 27th of January 2019, a violent tornado heavily damaged several areas of Havana, Cuba’s capital city. Together with the 3 Cuban Disabled People’s Organizations, Humanity & Inclusion launched a series of actions to understand needs and help the population affected by the disaster. 

  • Cuba

More than one million migrants in Colombia: HI prepares its possible response 26 February 2019

HI is preparing to launch a possible emergency response in aid of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

  • Colombia

HI mine action in northern Chad 7 February 2019

Some forty weapons clearance experts have been working in northern Chad since last November. They have already cleared 30,000 sq.m. of land - the equivalent of 4 football fields! 

  • Chad

One bullet, multiple traumas 23 January 2019

Mazen is a 33-year-old father. A bullet passed through both his legs, causing serious injuries. He is now unable to work. 

  • Palestine

Before I had my children, I didn't think about my amputation 20 November 2018

One day when he was back in Syria, Ibrahim heard gunfire close to where he was standing. He ran away in the opposite direction; right to the site where the bombs landed. Injured by a shrapnel wound to the leg, Ibrahim was transferred to Jordan where he was amputated. HI then fitted him with a prosthesis.

  • Jordan

Our biggest expense: medicine 20 November 2018

At the start of the war in Syria, Hussein and his family left their home town to take refuge in Jordan. In the last few years, the head of the household has suffered from a series of medical complications. Thanks to HI's partnership with a local rehabilitation centre, the arthritis he suffers from in his knee is now managed by a team of physiotherapists.

  • Jordan

Repairing minds and bodies 19 November 2018

Six months ago, 17-year-old Salim was hit by a bomb as he worked in a grocery store near Hudaydah. He was amputated below the knee in the city’s hospital. The experience left him shocked and anxious. Could he live with just one leg? How would he support his family? Would he be able to go back to school?

  • Yemen

Reducing the risk of disability 19 November 2018

The conflict in Yemen is about to enter its fifth year. Wave upon wave of casualties continue to arrive in the country’s health facilities. HI runs rehabilitation programmes in six hospitals and two specialised centres in Sana'a. Like all teams working under conflict conditions, they need to take into account the following factors:

  • Yemen