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Tribute to Nizar and Stefan


Armed violence reduction | International | PUBLISHED ON July 24th 2020
Mourning black ribbon

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the deaths of two of our demining colleagues in the Middle East on 20 July

Nizar and Stefan were victims of an explosive device in the course of their work. This tragic incident underlines the danger of the deminers' mission and the crucial importance of this demining work in order to prevent people from falling victim to mines or other explosive remnants of war.

Our thoughts go first and foremost to the families of Nizar and Stefan, of course, but also to those of our colleagues who knew them and are terribly affected by this tragedy.

The whole HI family is in mourning, and we thank you for respecting this time of recollection. Those who wish to do so can send a message to condolences@hi.org which will be forwarded to the families of the deceased.

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