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HI works in Cuba to make society more inclusive for people with disabilities.

A show organised as part of the community-based rehabilitation project

A show organised as part of the community-based rehabilitation project | © Marta Burgaya / HI

Our actions

For the last 15 years, HI has been implementing a range of functional rehabilitation projects using local community resources.

The organisation helps people with disabilities to obtain adapted employment, whilst strengthening existing vocational training structures. The organisation also works with the local authorities on disaster risk reduction, taking people with disabilities into account in the responses developed.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, HI has continued to help the world’s most vulnerable people. We have adapted our interventions in more than 45 countries.

Areas of intervention

Latest stories

Map of Humanity & Inclusion's interventions in Cuba

Country situation

In Cuba, the largest country in the Caribbean, the most vulnerable people, and people with disabilities in particular, find it difficult to access healthcare and employment.

The Republic of Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean. It has a population of 11 million people. The United States continues to impose a commercial, economic, and financial embargo against Cuba. Although people with disabilities receive free medical care, the lack of transport and of modern, specialist equipment (such as hearing tests) limit this access to healthcare. People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable when natural disasters occur, in particular hurricanes such as hurricane Matthew, which hit the east of Cuba in October 2016, affecting 300,000 people.

Number of HI staff members: 9

Date the programme opened: 1998