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HI’s race to protect frail people against COVID-19 in a country with only 24 ICU beds 12 May 2020

In South Sudan’s Juba County, the HI team has identified more than 5,200 people with disabilities as well as very frail people who need support as the coronavirus makes its presence known. Vulnerable among the vulnerable, most are already displaced from their homes, and face numerous barriers to staying safe from COVID-19.

  • South Sudan

Albert, a father of five children, learns to protect his family from COVID-19 21 April 2020

It is not easy to access information if you live in one of the world’s poorest countries. As the Covid-19 pandemic devastates communities around the globe, HI is showing vulnerable individuals, including people with disabilities, how to protect themselves from the virus.

  • Madagascar

Covid-19: HI working on several fronts to protect the most vulnerable 9 April 2020

Day after day, HI is adapting its work to help protect the most vulnerable from the rapid spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Priority is being given to prevention messages and assisting the most fragile individuals, including the offer of psychosocial support.

  • International

HI and local relief teams working to combat COVID-19 in Madagascar 7 April 2020

HI is adapting two of its projects in Madagascar to fight the spread of COVID-19. We are training local relief teams to protect people in the areas where we work. Our goal is to assist people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals.

  • Madagascar

HI adapts its action to combat Covid-19 and protect the most vulnerable 31 March 2020

Our teams are making changes to the way they work in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the field wherever possible. This includes reviewing their current response and implementing new projects to protect people from the virus and deal with the impact of the crisis, with a focus on people with disabilities, children, women, and isolated and older people.

  • International

HI adapts its operations to help with the Covid-19 pandemic 27 March 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads to countries already affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters, HI is adapting its response to the health crisis.

  • International

Drawing on HI’s experience to help protect people most vulnerable to Covid-19 26 March 2020

HI is assessing its scope for action and plans to use its expertise in emergency situations and its experience of past epidemic situations to protect the most vulnerable.

  • International

HI teams engaged in the fight against Covid-19 19 March 2020

Although Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic, the virus continues to spill across continents and countries, causing widespread disarray. The number of affected people increases daily. Given this unprecedented and dramatic situation, HI is taking special measures to protect its teams, maintain its operational capabilities and continue assisting the most vulnerable.

  • International

Fleeing violence in Syria: Osama has been a refugee in a wheelchair for 8 years 6 March 2020

25- year-old Osama was living in a nice house with his family in the south of Syria until his neighbourhood was bombed in 2012. His 13-year old little brother died and the family had to flee. A missile fragment entered one of his 12th vertebras, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

  • Jordan

Protecting civilians from explosive weapons in populated areas 6 March 2020

Last Monday in Geneva, more than 70 States met for the second round of negotiations for a political declaration against the use of explosive weapons in urban areas. HI was there to recall the urgency of protecting civilians.        

  • International

South Sudan: HI’s emergency mobile teams assist displaced people 18 February 2020

HI has deployed emergency mobile teams to provide rehabilitation and psychosocial support to vulnerable displaced people in conflict-affected areas.

  • South Sudan

HI, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, outraged by the Trump administration's to-come decision to use mines 3 February 2020

The Trump Administration should announce today a deadly landmine policy shift

30 000 people killed or injured by explosive weapons in 2019 30 January 2020

HI partner organisation Action On Armed Violence (AOAV) releases figures on explosive violence casualties in 2019.

HI's commitment to fight violence against women and girls with disabilities 29 January 2020

The international campaign, "16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women" will take place from November 25—December 10. On this occasion, three HI specialists shed light on HI’s commitment to ensure the full protection of women and girls, especially those with disabilities.

  • International

Haiti: 10 years after the earthquake 29 January 2020

Haiti has not been spared in the last 10 years. A devastating earthquake in 2010 followed by a powerful hurricane in 2016 has compounded serious political instability that continues to paralyse the country today. In 2010, HI deployed one of its largest humanitarian aid operations in Haiti. It still makes a major contribution today to strengthening the local physical rehabilitation network.  

  • Haiti