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Solar Electricity: Dicko works for a brighter future in Mali 26 November 2020

With HI’s support, Dicko installs and repairs solar panels to support his family. 

  • Mali

Cluster munitions: weapons made to massacre 24 November 2020

Cluster munitions have been recently used in the Azerbaijan - Armenia war. HI Armed Violence Reduction specialist Gary Toombs explains why this weapon is banned.

  • International

Half of children with disabilities still excluded from the school system 20 November 2020

On November 20th, on the occasion of Universal Children's Day, HI has published a report on the difficulties children with disabilities face in accessing education in the world’s poorest countries. Valentina Pomatto, Inclusion Advocacy Officer for HI, explains the obstacles to inclusive education. 

  • International

HI sends a team to Honduras to assess the situation after the passage of Hurricane Iota 19 November 2020

Hurricane Iota, which made landfall in Central America on 17 November, caused considerable damage in the region - just two weeks after it was hit by another major hurricane. HI will send a team to Honduras at the earliest opportunity to assess the situation. 

  • Nicaragua

HI concerned for the most vulnerable people in countries hit by Hurricane Iota 17 November 2020

A Category 4 hurricane hit the coasts of Nicaragua and northern Honduras on Monday night, with potentially disastrous consequences for the populations of both countries. HI is particularly concerned about the threat to the most vulnerable people.

  • Nicaragua

High-tech Recycling: HI re-uses donated artificial limbs to help children like Elinah 15 November 2020

Volunteer orthopedic specialists in a workshop in Lyon are changing the lives of people around the world by reconditioning valuable prosthetic parts donated by amputees.

  • Madagascar

Children with and without disabilities learning together 13 November 2020

Many children with disabilities have never been to school. Here are some examples of how HI works to include children with visual and hearing impairments in primary schools.

  • International

HI readies its teams to assess the needs of people affected by Typhoon Goni 3 November 2020

HI team is preparing to travel to the areas worst affected by Typhoon Goni, which made landfall in the eastern Philippines on 1 November.

  • Philippines

HI 3D prints face shields for COVID-19 first responders in Uganda 27 October 2020

In Uganda, HI has adapted 3D printing technology used for physical rehabilitation to produce protective face visors for health professionals on the front line

  • Uganda

A new Source: free, user friendly and accessible resources for all users! 16 October 2020

The Source platform provides access to resources on matters of Disability and Inclusion from peer reviewed journal articles, COVID-19 guidelines and the unique evidence produced by the Inclusive Futures programme.

  • International

HI in Lebanon helps 11-year-old Shahid to walk again 28 September 2020

Shahid was seriously injured in Syria in 2011 and has been unable to walk since. HI is providing physiotherapy and splints to get her back on her feet.


  • Lebanon

HI helps anti-personnel victim Ismail live with dignity again 28 September 2020

Ismail lost both legs in a landmine explosion at the age of 14. HI is now teaching him to walk again with his new prostheses.

  • Lebanon

Innovation at HI 23 September 2020

Three questions for Pierre Gallien, Director of 3I (Information, Impact, Innovation) / Innovation and Knowledge Management Division


  • France

World first : HI locates mines buried underground 23 September 2020

Xavier Depreytere, head of innovation projects at HI, explains why the drone demining project launched by HI in 2018 is a world first.

  • Chad

European Union awards HI two prizes for its innovative projects 23 September 2020

On 24 September, the European Union Horizon Prize for Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid honoured HI with two awards. These prizes recognise the organisation’s efforts to develop practical and effective solutions in order to enhance the care and treatment of vulnerable people.

  • France