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Russia and the United States: Main perpetrators of civilian harm caused by airstrikes 15 June 2021

Russian President Putin and US President Biden will meet on Wednesday 16 June in Geneva. HI reminds that Russia and the US are among the main perpetrators of civilian harm caused by airstrikes.

Laos: HI celebrates a quarter century of weapons clearance 14 June 2021

HI launched its weapons clearance operations in Laos in June 1996. Twenty-five years on, it continues to help decontaminate the country.

  • Laos

"Nyiragongo volcano: many people have lost their homes" 14 June 2021

Testimony of Jérémy Mouton, HI's Emergency Watch and Preparedness Officer, in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Humanitarian crisis worsens in Tigray 14 June 2021

Over a million people in Ethiopia are suffering in the midst of a violent crisis. HI teams arrive to provide aid and support to those most affected.

  • Ethiopia

Not your average delivery route 10 June 2021

HI staff member in Central African Republic, Jimmy Müller offers a glimpse into life on the logistics team during conflict.

  • Central African Republic

In Cambodia, one crisis leads to another 7 June 2021

Restrictive sanitation measures in Cambodia result in a daunting economic crisis. HI provides care in-person and from a distance.  

  • Cambodia

Nyiragongo volcano in Goma, North Kivu: HI assists the most vulnerable 4 June 2021

HI is supplying aid to the most vulnerable people affected by population displacement following the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano near Goma, North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Nepal endures lingering emergency 3 June 2021

Resources prove insufficient as Nepal faces a surge in Covid-19 outbreaks. HI teams in the country respond with vital supplies and accessible risk education.

  • Nepal

Nephtaline, 15, provided with information on prenatal care. 3 June 2021

"A woman should not die giving life." Bernadette, an HI voluntary worker, helps pregnant women access antenatal care in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

HI provides urgent aid amidst devastating famine 1 June 2021

Over 1 million people face starvation in Madagascar. HI launches aid program in support of families and malnourished children at risk.

  • Madagascar

Srey Nuch: a fighter with a head full of plans 1 June 2021

Srey Nuch has been paraplegic since she was thirteen. HI has helped her set up her own sewing business, but she doesn’t plan to stop there!

  • Cambodia

COVID-19: For a fair access to vaccine 31 May 2021

170 million people worldwide have been infected by COVID-19. Vaccination is key to tackle the crisis.

  • International

HI training improves children’s care 28 May 2021

Dr. Lyly Masengo, head of paediatrics at the Bumbu Mother and Child Centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo, tells us how the care management of children has improved.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

To aware people on the danger of unexploded ordnances 28 May 2021

A ceasefire has been reached after 11 days of bombing. But the threat on civilians is not over: hundreds of unexploded bombs can be a danger as people will return home.

  • Palestine

MP’s in Europe against bombing of civilians 27 May 2021

More than 170 members of 4 national parliaments call on governments to make a firm and concrete commitment to the fight against the bombing in populated areas.

  • International