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Emergency Mental health: Supporting earthquake survivors 27 January 2022

As mental health needs remain high among earthquake survivors, HI plans to expand its support to new communities.

  • Haiti

Giovanna Osorio Romero: “We must challenge stereotypes” 27 January 2022

For more than thirty years, Giovanna Osorio R. has worked tirelessly to build a more inclusive society and change how people see disability.

  • Peru

Feedback : Bringing rehabilitation needs to the attention of the WHO Executive Board 24 January 2022

The Executive Board of the World Health Organisation is meeting from 24th to 29th January, with delegations being present in Geneva and other stakeholders connecting online.

  • International

FACTSHEET: A new resource on disability-inclusive education for the International day for Education 24 January 2022

On the occasion of the International Day for Education (24th January), HI will officially releases the advocacy factsheet « Information and Communication Technology supporting the inclusion of children with disabilities in education ».

  • International

Providing emergency care to severe burn survivors 21 January 2022

In Sierra Leone, HI assists survivors of a fuel tank explosion by facilitating their identification and access to specialized rehabilitation services.

  • Sierra Leone

Siman’s Bright Future 21 January 2022

Siman, 18, has cerebral palsy, which affects his movement and body posture. Thanks to his rehabilitation sessions, he can now stand up and walk better. He is back to school.

  • Nepal

Surviving a bombing is a miracle 21 January 2022

Anfal is a HI mental health worker in Iraq. She used to live in Mosul, which was bombed in 2017. Her house was hit by an airstrikehe and her family survived.

  • Iraq

HI commits to reducing its carbon footprint 18 January 2022

HI and fellow humanitarian actors create the CHANGE consortium to determine standards, measure and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

  • International

Ensure disability inclusion is not just a tick mark 18 January 2022

One billion persons have a disability worldwide. However, meaningful inclusion remains a challenge – between 2014 and 2018, less than 2% of international aid was disability relevant. The Global Disability Summit is a key moment to build on the momentum that the disability rights movement is gaining globally and stay true to its motto: “nothing about us without us”. Ruby Holmes, HI Inclusion Specialist, explains.

  • International

Emergency aid to typhoon survivors 11 January 2022

In Surigao, Philippines, HI distributes hygiene kits and multi-purpose cash assistance to families affected by typhoon Rai in December.

  • Philippines

Covid-19: unequal access to vaccines 4 January 2022

HI is working to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in Laos and recently published a survey on the obstacles to vaccination faced by people with disabilities.

  • Laos

Typhoon Rai: HI launches initial relief operations 23 December 2021

HI is preparing to launch its emergency relief operations in the Philippines in aid of vulnerable people in the wake of the devastation caused by Typhoon Rai.

  • Philippines

Super-typhoon Rai: huge damages 21 December 2021

Typhoon Rai caused significant material damages across the middle of the Philippines. An emergency team is in one of the hardest-hit areas to identify the needs.

  • Philippines

HI present alongside victims of typhoon Rai in the Philippines 21 December 2021

HI launches mission to evaluate the impact of devastating cyclone Rai on affected populations.

  • Philippines

Super Typhoon Rai: HI ready to take action 17 December 2021

An exceptionally intense typhoon passed through the centre of the Philippine archipelago this Thursday. HI’s teams in the country are preparing to move into the affected areas.

  • Philippines