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HI runs a range of projects in Niger to further the inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in education and employment. The organisation supports refugees and asylum seekers and works to reduce armed violence in the Sahel.

Humanity & Inclusion Niger

Humanity & Inclusion Niger | © Franck Pinay Rabaroust

Our actions

HI started working in Niger in 2006, aiming to improve the situation of people with disabilities by supporting organisations fighting for the rights of people with disability.

The scope of our work expanded significantly in 2012 with interventions in new areas including food security, reduction of armed violence and prevention and reduction of the risk of disabling sequelae in malnourished or developmentally delayed children under 5 years of age.

Since 2015, HI has been providing special support to vulnerable populations in Niger: urban refugees, asylum seekers, people with disabilities and populations living near weapons stockpiles.

Through its education projects, HI helps children with disabilities to access and remain in primary education.  We also continue our work to promote the social and legal integration of women and children with disabilities.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, HI has continued to help the world’s most vulnerable people. We have adapted our interventions in more than 45 countries.

Latest stories

Map of HI's interventions in Niger

Country situation

Situated in the Sahel, Niger is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Over half of the population lives in extreme poverty and deprivation.

In this already very difficult context, the situation for people with disabilities is aggravated by the high levels of discrimination and socio-economic inequality. This discrimination takes the form of extremely limited access to education, employment and health services, very little civic participation, and the specific needs of people with disabilities being rarely taken into account in development initiatives.

Furthermore, situated between Nigeria, Chad, Libya, Algeria and Mali, Niger has been weakened by the political instability in neighbouring countries, incursions by armed groups and an influx of refugees, mainly from Mali and Nigeria.

Number of HI staff members:  90

Date the programme opened: 2006