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Handicap International Logo

This page is intended for anyone (partners, journalists...) who want to reproduce the Handicap International logo for illustration and quotation purposes. Here, you can download the Handicap International logo in the correct formats and read the logo's terms of use.


Download the Handicap International logo

When downloading the Handicap International logo, you agree to respect the terms of use mentionned below, as well as HI's rights to intellectual property.

Orientation : the Handicap International logo can be represented with a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on the space available.

Color: the logo has a transparent background. The generic color is Pantone 3005 blue, but the logo can also be used in white if you need it to stand out on a dark background.

File format: for any use on screen (web, office software, etc.) download the logo in .PNG format (image below). For professionnal printing, the vectorized logo in .EPS format is also available.


EPS logo for professionnal printing :


Terms of use of the Handicap International logo

The Handicap International logo can only be used by people if:

  • Handicap International gave them an explicit permission for this precise and punctual use of the logo;
  • There is no risk that, by using the logo, the user is mistaken for Handicap International;
  • The use of the logo is made in a context of activities or statements that respect Handicap International's values;
  • The use of the logo doesn't imply that Handicap International supports or endorses the user's statements or activities.


If you need more information on the use of the Handicap International logo you can contact info@hi.org

Please note that any inappropriate use of the Handicap International logo can lead to legal proceedings.