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“Many Venezuelan refugees in Colombia are very vulnerable emotionally and psychologically” 15 October 2019

Gregory Le Blanc, Director of HI Colombia, tells us about the situation facing Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and describes HI's emergency response.

  • Colombia

Before disaster strikes: HI helps the most vulnerable to be better prepared. 15 October 2019

On the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on the 13th of October, HI experts explain how we aim to include everyone in resilience-building initiatives. 

  • Madagascar

Military incursion in northeast Syria: protection of civilians and humanitarian workers is vital 11 October 2019

After nearly a decade of nation-wide conflict, the Turkish incursion into northeast Syria reignites the cycle of violence, worry and uncertainty for people living in the area. HI is deeply concerned about how the military escalation will affect the civilian population. HI calls on all parties to the conflict to protect civilians, especially people in populated areas that are being attacked with airstrikes and artillery.

  • International

“The war has made people withdraw into themselves..." 11 October 2019

Suad Al-Qadri works as a psychosocial support counsellor for HI in Sana'a, Yemen. Below, she talks about the mental condition of the patients assisted by HI and the impact of bombing on the psychological health of the city's inhabitants. 

  • Yemen

Bombing in populated areas: A majority of states now recognize the urgency to act 4 October 2019

Vienna, October 2nd, 2019. A great number of 133 states gathered for two days at the Vienna Conference “Protecting Civilians in Urban Warfare”. A majority of attendants announced that they were ready to work on a political declaration to end human suffering caused by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. The discussions that will take place in the 6 months to come will be decisive to protect millions of civilians living in war zones.  

  • International

Vienna Conference on Protecting Civilians in Urban Warfare 30 September 2019

The Vienna Conference is due to take place on October 1st and 2nd. HI Disarmament and protection of civilians Advocacy Manager Alma Taslidžan Al-Osta explains the final preparations:

  • International

Weapons clearance drones 26 September 2019

Since last January, HI and its partner Mobility Robotics have been trialing the use of drones to support weapons clearance experts in Faya-Largeau, northern Chad.

  • Chad

Yeminis are exhausted by four years of war 26 September 2019

HI has been providing rehabilitation care and psychosocial support in eight health facilities in Sana'a since 2015 and in one of Aden's main hospitals since last July. Maud Bellon, HI’s head of mission, tells us about the unacceptable situation now facing civilians.  

  • Yemen

HI goes the extra mile to bring rehabilitation to isolated areas of South Sudan 15 September 2019

HI’s Flying Team travels to some of the most remote areas of South Sudan, meeting isolated communities and uncovering significant need for physical rehabilitation.

  • South Sudan

Cluster munitions continue to kill civilians 6 September 2019

Released last August, the 2019 Cluster Munition Monitor report reveals that attacks involving cluster munitions continued to occur in Syria in 2018. The Monitor has recorded at least 674 cluster munition attacks in Syria since mid-2012. These attacks have caused heavy contamination by cluster munition remnants, which pose a deadly and long-term threat for the local population. Globally, at least 149 people were killed or injured by cluster munition attacks and remnants in a total of eight countries and one territory. 

"The self-help group has given me hope again" 26 July 2019

Abdel Kareem, 5, has cerebral palsy. Thanks to Humanity and Inclusion's partnership with the Mousawat rehabilitation centre in Lebanon, a mental health project was integrated into the rehabilitation process. 

  • Lebanon

"Meeting other amputees has given me hope" 26 July 2019

Ahed is diabetic. He lost his leg after suffering complications. He is now rebuilding his life thanks to rehabilitation sessions and group therapy at the Zarqa centre in Jordan.

  • Jordan

Mine detection drones 26 July 2019

In Faya-Largeau (North Chad), HI has begun testing drones to detect mines and build up a detailed picture of what’s on the ground - a revolution in mine clearance practice. HI’s project manager Xavier Depreytere explains more. 

  • Chad

UN Security Council recognises the rights of people with disabilities in armed conflicts 19 June 2019

For the first time ever, the United Nations Security Council has adopted a Resolution on persons with disabilities in armed conflict. This represents a significant step forward for people with disabilities, who are particularly at risk in crisis situations and often overlooked in humanitarian assistance.

Residents Rebuild in Mozambique thanks to HI Distributions 3 June 2019

Following several weeks of clean-up operations, Humanity and Inclusion is now supporting vulnerable residents of Beira, Mozambique to repair and rebuild their homes.

  • Mozambique