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Cover of the 2020 Inclusive Education communication kit

Inclusive education: For inclusive schools where all children can learn

Cover of the Guidance Note

Towards more inclusive practices: A Disability, Gender and Age Intersectional Resource

cover document

A Persistent Danger: Unexploded Ordnance in Populated Areas

women in wheelchairs at a hand washing station in a Rohingya camp in Bangladesh

COVID-19 in humanitarian contexts: no excuses to leave persons with disabilities behind!

Cover of the HI's network 2019 annual report

HI's Network 2019 Annual Report

Civilian houses destroyed by bombing in Yemen

Death Sentence to Civilians: The Long-Term Impact of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas in Yemen

Cover of HI's institutional brochure on the response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 : The most vulnerable groups and people with disabilities are among HI's top priorities


A principled and inclusive response to COVID-19, focused on the most vulnerable

Coverage of the HI's Network 2018 Annual Report

HI's Network 2018 Annual Report

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